Products & Application

As an industrial knife manufacturer, BKS offers a wide range of customised industrial blades.The company creates industrial blades made to measure, such as rotary cutters (plastics industry), industrial circular knives, industrial straight knives, toothed blades and much more. BKS offers both the creation of new blades and the sharpening of blades on various turning, milling, welding and of course grinding machines. The company offers high quality industrial blades to different kinds of industrial companies. the blades provided by BKS are used in a wide variety of applications such as wood, plastic, metal and paper and work exclusively for industrial cutting processes.

What Do We Do

BKS has been a blade manufacturing company since 1983. The company is an expert in the production of industrial grade blades and knives. The products made by BKS are designed in Europe and Asie with one constant : OEM quality. As a leading industrial knife manufacturer, BKS produces high quality and professional knives and blades.

The company offers various sorts of knives. For instance, BKS realizes the manufacturing and maintenance of:

Production and maintenance are not the only services provided at BKS. Industrial companies have access to a wide range of other services such as sharpening and re-sharpening, grinding and re-welding of used blades.
Additionally, BKS is also an expert in precision machining. We hold dear our values on excellence, integrity, and creativity, gearing all our efforts in delivering quality blades to your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top industrial knives manufacturers. So, whether you are looking for that new, reliable, custom blade for your machine, or you have one that needs a little modification : in any case, BKS is at your disposal.