Grinding and sharpening service

Blade grinding process

First of all, BKS studies your request and your needs with a team at your disposal. If one or more of your blades require grinding, sharpening service or very advanced finishing, we do everything possible to provide you with blades that are grinded with great precision. Your blades are first precisely studied before being cleaned and then ground.

The blade grinding process involves the use of abrasive grinding wheels to machine the metal of the knives. The abrasive wheel that polishes your blade is composed of many tiny grains of high abrasivity that allow you to sharpen even the most resistant blades. Tiny fragments of the blade are removed when passing over with the grinding tool. Grinding ensures extremely fine and precise cutting of blades of all kinds, even those made of very hard steels such as Powder Metal Steel. BKS is further also capable of grinding materials like Stainless Steel, Stellite, Nikro 128, and much more!


BKS operates more than 50 blade grinding machines in industrial sharpening workshops over its 4 locations. Most of our machines are CNC controlled and can reach tolerances of up to 5 micron.

Since 1983, BKS has been dedicating all its know-how to blade sharpening and production. After working on various machines over the years, we have gained more and more experience in the industrial blades grinding sector.
Our know how covers a wide range of blade types. We specialize in the grinding and production of blades for the Plastic industry (rotary blades for pelletizers, Die Plates, Micronizers), Circular knives for the film, foil, steel and packaging industries, Razor blades, toothed blades, Straight knives and much more! We also specialize in a wide range of sharpening services: blade sharpening and blade grinding, circular blade sharpening, circular blade sharpening, straight blade sharpening, precision grinding…

The skills acquired by BKS make it a trusted partner for your industrial blade sharpening needs with a tailor-made service and a team at your disposal.

Why use our blade sharpener services?

Blades in poor condition highly affect the performance of the machines that utilizes them. In the long run, poorly sharpened blades can really harm the quality of the work you deliver and the lifetime of your blades.
By calling on a professional blade grinder, you can ensure that your machines run more efficiently and therefore produce better and higher quality products.

If you work with cutting machines in an industrial sector and are faced with intensive cutting of paper, wood, metal or plastic and fabrics, it is highly recommended that you sharpen your blades several times a year. Hiring a professional blade sharpening service is the best solution to extend the life of your industrial blades.

If you find that your blades no longer cut as well, that they are apparently damaged, that your cutting machine is not working as well as it was, you should request a study and a maintenance service. Your blades may need grinding before your machine breaks down.
Contact BKS for service and maintenance !


Guarantees of quality

As an experienced blade sharpener, BKS provides you with qualified services:
– high-precision blade sharpening,
– team of specialized engineers,
– tailor-made work,
– latest generation sharpening machines,
– OEM quality,
– almost 40 years of experience in the improvement of our customers’ processes .

Industrial blades grinding and sharpening

The sharpening and grinding of your industrial blades can be adapted to all your needs. Our main value and strength is to be able to adapt to your request in order to offer you the best solution. Wether you work with circular blades or straight blades, our professional blade grinding and sharpening service will adapt to your products, as we work on all types of blades and can work on different types of materials and profiles. BKS is able to achieve the finishing you need in order to achieve your production goals.

Among the sharpening services we can offer you:

  • Rotary knives grinding ( Pelletizing knives),
  • ZigZag / Wavy blades grinding
  • Circular knives grinding (Steel, Film and Foil, …)
  • Straight Grinding,
  • Profile grinding

Are you interested? You have a project and wish to share it with us? Contact us and explain your needs, our team will listen to you and prepare a tailor-made quotation for your grinding and sharpening needs.

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