We produce & supply packaging knives, straight & tooth bladed knives, for different packaging industries, like vertical bagging (VFFS), flow wrapping (HFFS), tray sealing, case sealing, bag & film making, vacuum packing. Knives are available in Carbon steel, Stainless steel, D2, HSS, Carbide inserts and full carbide.


All straight tooth bladed knives in different lengths, qualities (SS, D2, M2,…) and forms with 1-sided, 2-sided serration, zig-zag, perforation teeth. Different coatings are available (Teflon, Tin,…).

Knives for: Aquarius, Bosch, Fuji, Hamac, Hassia Redatron, Innotech, Multivac, Opem, Pentavac, Rovema, Sandiacre, Tiromat…

Flow wrappers

All kind of knives and anvils for flowwrappers in HSS or carbide. Straight, progressive, zig-zag, easy opening, V-notch,…

Produced to OEM specifications or custom made.

Knives for: Cavana, CS, Fuji, Gram, GSP, Hoyer, Ilapack, Impero, Italwrap, Otem, Panda, PFM, Record, SIG, Tehama, TNA, Tevopharm, Ulma,…

Tray knives

Preformed heat seal knives in special hardened stainless steel for optimal cutting performance .

For sealing and packaging of fresh, refrigerated or frozen products and prepared meals.

Produced to OEM specifications or custom made, with control in the production process, what gives a constant high quality.

Knives for: Atlantic, Caveco, CFS, Dynopac, Globetech, Ilpra, Irwin, Leader, Meca, Metaltech, Mondini, Multivac, Opem, Reepack, Repak, Sealpac, SLB, Tecnovac,Tiromat, Ulma; Ultrapack, ….

Packaging blade provider

Tape dispensers

Case sealing is the last stage in the packaging process.

Knives for: Siat, Coeman, 3M,Twinpack,…

Produced to OEM specifications or custom made.

Straight tooth bladed knives for bag making machines

Made to OEM specifications or custom made.

Different steels : SS, 12% Cr, HSS, with or without coatings

Knives for W&H, Lemo, Gunther, Stiegler…



VACUUM knives


Made to OEM specifications
Full star, half star, air punches, ….
For CFS, Multivac, Tecnosystem, Tiromat,

Circular blades

Made to OEM specifications,
Circulars, split circulars, circulars on hub,…
For CFS, Multivac, Tecnosystem, Tiromat,…

Cutting rules

Made to OEM specifications,
For CFS, Multivac, Tecnosystem, Tiromat,…


Made to OEM specifications or custom made
For CFS, Multivac, Tecnosystem, Tiromat,…


Scissor knives / Guillotine for: Aucouturier, BM, Bock, BPM, Chocotec, Fama, GEA, Imanpack, Klöckner Hänsel, Otto-Hansel, Rex, Sapal, SIG, Sollas, Tevopharm, Printex,…
Made to OEM specification, or custom made.
Different steel qualities possible: 12% Cr, HSS, carbide inlay,…

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