Die Plates

Die Plates


  • Supply of new die plates according to OEM specs.
  • Use of a unique extremely wear resistant tungsten carbide layer for BKG/Gala/Automatik Die plates.
  • Grinding service + Supply of new granulator blades.


BKS Knives offers a production service of professional knives, including high-end quality die-plates and gala pelletizer blades. We offer new plates for all renowned OEM’s (BKG, MAAG, GALA, AUTOMATIK etc.) with our unique special carbide layer. The wear layer is applied by PTA welding and diffuses into the parent material of the die-plate body. The advantage is that there are no interruptions as with the tungsten carbide segments and that no minimal layer thickness is required. The layer can be used until the last 0,1mm. Our execution and material composition have a substantially longer life time; our experiences are up to 2 times longer than OEM versions. As a result, the quality of the pellets is better and more constant. Last but not least knife consumption is reduced.

Advantages of BKS die plate technology:

  • Increased life time, means more up time.
  • Minimal wear on your die-face, means better pellet quality.
  • No chipping, often the case with brazed TC pads > leading to machine stops.
  • Our TC layer can be used until the last 0,1mm!
  • Reduced knife consumption.





BKS has a professional grinding service for your die-plates, we grind according to OEM regulations with the right surface quality and minimal material removal. If necessary, we offer a pyrolysis cleaning to remove all remaining polymers from the pelletizing knives before grinding. In addition, BKS can provide inspection and control of your die plates.

With our transport service your die-plates are collected and returned.


BKS has developed its own technology for the overhaul of die-plates. We apply our unique extremely wear-resistant hard metal layer by PTA welding. The main advantage of this layer, a larger usable layer thickness that is more wear-resistant than HM segments. The specific composition of this wear-resistant hard metal layer also reduces knife consumption.


Of course, BKS also supplies underwater pelletizing knives for BKG, MAAG, GALA, AUTOMATIK, COPERION, BERSTORFF, JSW, OMP, FARELL/POMINI etc.

BKS has a large stock of underwater granulating knives available, inquire about this!


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