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<small>Slitting</small> Circular knives

Slitting Circular knives

Anyone with knowledge of engineering and industry will know that it is vital to choose the right blade for the right job, and there are plenty of tasks that will require a circular knife. But even if you recognise this, you may find yourself uncertain to what sort of knife will be best for the task. After all, there are circular saw blades for film and foil, but also circular slitting knives for the production of tape, textile and much more! To find the best blade for the job, you will need to find the best blade manufacturing company, and that is where BKS Knives comes in. We are a company that has been in business since 1983 and has full experience with industrial knives and blades of all shapes and varieties, and our professional team will help you to find the perfect knife for your needs.

Types of Circular Machine Knives

If you are looking for new circular knives then you will be spoilt for choice when you see what BKS Knives has to offer. Our selection includes a wide range of blades in any shape and size you require, made from a variety of different materials. We can provide knives for shear cutting, crush cutting and burst cutting. We supply circular saw blades for wood cutting, along with custom blades for any other kind of industrial purpose. So, whether you know what type of blade you need or whether you are looking for advice, get in touch with us and we will answer your questions.


Maintenance of Circular Knives

In addition to manufacturing circular blades we are equipped to perform the maintenance of blades and ensure that they are kept as sharp and as efficient as possible. We can guarantee that we shall use the finest circular knife grinder to sharpen your blade: like all of the best knife manufacturers, we regrind according to OEM specs and make use of CNC and robotised grinding machines.

circular knives

BKS Knives: The Blade Producer You Can Rely Upon

Here is a list of the benefits that you can count upon when you approach BKS Knives :

  • We supply circular knife blades in any size or shape you require.
  • We used a variety of high end and reliable materials.
  • Our industrial knife blades are customised to many purposes, from shear cutting wheels to circular sawmill blades.
  • We have equipment to sharpen and resharpen your industrial knife.
  • We are able to carry out welding and rewilding on your industrial blade.
  • Our knife manufacturers are familiar with a wide range of different industries and their specific needs.

Need a Circular Knife? Come to Us for Help

Need expert advice for a project? Our team will be happy to find the solution that best suits your needs! Tell us about your requirement for a circular blade and we will study your case in detail to work on the blade that corresponds to your industry and that will allow you to get the best out of your cutting machines!

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Shredders blades

Shredders blades

Do you think you need new blades for your shredders? At BKS, we develop shredder cutters that are suitable for any industry. We adapt our products to the size and shape you need to ensure the best possible quality.
You can call on our services of shredder blade suppliers for your needs for knives in a wide range of materials. We
produce blades in high quality and wear-resistant steel after having analyzed your needs.

Intervention on industrial shredder

Within the framework of our intervention on your industrial shredders, we carry out the grinding and rewelding of blades used in almost all shredding machines. BKS is a professional specialist in industrial interventions for shredders and other cutting machines. Our team of experts will take care of the assembly of your industrial paper, plastic, wood or metal shredder and can also take care of the maintenance .
For each necessary rewelding job, we provide you with detailed assembly drawings that assure you of our professionalism and transparency.



  • Plastic shredder blades

Our range of shredder blades for the plastics industry meets a growing demand for plastic waste management. In order to offer you high-performance shredder cutters, we develop straight or circular knives and adapt them to your production requirements. We also can provide you with granulator blades and knives for your plastic processing process.

  • Industrial paper shredder

When you need a knife for your paper shredder BKS offers you the right blades. The knives for your paper shredders that we manufacture guarantee you a very small crushing that make it suitable for the shredding of the most confidential documents.

Blades for industrial paper shredder

  • Shredder knives for wood industry

We design blades for your wood shredders capable of withstanding a very high throughput rate. The knives for the wood shredders are all made from high quality steel to ensure strength and safety. BKS develops wood chipper blades according to your industrial needs and your machines, whatever the brand.

  • Shredder cutters for Metal industry

We can intervene for your needs in metal shredders. We carry out the maintenance and servicing work on your shredder cutters and offer you very high resistance metal shredder knives directly manufactured in our workshops for your metal cuts.

  • Shredder blades for Medical waste

BKS is able to supply blades for your medical waste machines! Whatever the throughput, input material or process, we can help you with the supply of the right blade!

  • Other industries : all kind of heavy duty shredder

BKS also works for the chemical, food, textile and pharmaceutical industries.
We supply knives of all sizes for all shredders in the heavy industry sector.
BKS is concerned about the proper functioning of your machines dedicated to the management of waste from all origins and puts all its know-how at the service of your needs by selecting high quality materials for optimal resistance and longevity of all our blades and knives for shredders.



Our expertise

Your industrial shredder is no longer as efficient as it was? Would you like to ask an expert opinion about the condition of your machine? BKS offers above all a study and advice service to guide you and offer you the most suitable solution for your shredder.

All of our expertise and work is dedicated to improving your performance thanks to several quality guarantees:
– improving your productivity,
– improving life span of your blades,
– reducing downtime of your shredders,
– OEM quality blades,
– custom-made,
– Europe manufacturing.

Industrial shredder, metal blade

Shredder blades manufacturers

In order to manufacture the shredder knives that will give you the best performance, we study your needs and work with you to offer you the solution that suits you the best. Our team of engineers take care of manufacturing your shredder blades using the latest technologies such as CAD-CAM.

Materials possibilities

The materials used for the design of industrial shredder blades are all made of very high quality steels. We design our knives in cemented steel and extremely wear-resistant tool steel.

Shapes and dimensions

One of the main advantages at BKS is to create with you a product tailored to your needs and your request. We therefore carry out knives for shredders of all sizes and shapes.


At BKS, we know how essential the maintenance of your shredder blades and knives is to the service life of your industrial shredders. We carry out a study and maintenance work on your machines in order to determine with you your needs and to maintain your industrial shredder blades at their best productivity rate.

Grinding & Sharpening

We machine shredder cutters and subject them to heat treatment so that we can rework your blades. We use the latest generation machines such as the 5-Axis CNC grinding machine. This precision work in the sharpening, grinding and regrinding of your blades allows us to offer you all finishing surfaces.


We perform welding or rewelding work for all your industrial shredder blades. Our experts will also provide you with detailed drawings of assembly for each of our interventions.

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Straight Blade Knives

Straight Blade Knives

At BKS, we have been designing and manufacturing straight knives with the highest quality since 1983. As a blade manufacturing company with proven abilities, we serve a wide range of industries. Our highly specialised professional maintenance services include grinding, sharpening and welding for any straight blade industrial knife.

Customised Knife Manufacturers

Our bespoke manufacturing service for industrial straight blades concentrates on consistent quality. We have the expertise to design and manufacture straight knives to suit your exact requirements. As a blade producer with decades of experience, we provide complete customer satisfaction. Each industry has its specific needs and we design straight knives accordingly. We can design knives with straight blades in all shapes and dimensions. Our design team can include specialised features such as serrated, toothed or perforated straight knife edges. Our meticulous attention to the finest details ensures our bespoke straight blade knives perform their specific tasks with the utmost precision. Some of the professional industries we serve include :

  • Food processing
  • Packaging
  • Textile
  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Printing
  • Recycling


Advanced Straight Blades Manufacturing Techniques

We manufacture each bespoke industrial knife using materials of the highest quality. Our extensive experience in all aspects of metallurgy enables us to choose metals that are particularly suited to performing under your production constraints. We are qualified to advise on which materials are the most appropriate for the blade’s intended application. Each specific metal we recommend is chosen for its excellent performance, durability and continued reliability. We can machine and grind almost all materials available on the market. The blades are manufactured through the most superior technological techniques available. Our precision engineering processes include using CNC machines equipped with CAD/CAM software, advanced heat treatments and accurate surface grinding to achieve the finest permitted tolerance.

Maintenance and Repair of Straight Knives

As a high-quality blade manufacturing company with a reputation for reliability and integrity, we also offer a superb maintenance service. Many industrial processes such as cutting cardboard, rubber or even recycling, quickly cause even the sharpest knife to become blunt. We can ensure your industrial straight blade continues to operate at its maximum efficiency. Our grinding and sharpening techniques include machining the surface of the straight knife to regain its former accuracy. For durability and the highest accuracy and performance, we can carry out rewelding and resharpening as often as considered suitable. Whenever your industry requires the manufacture of a bespoke straight blade or the expert maintenance of an existing straight knife, contact BKS. Our service is guaranteed to produce excellent, cost-effective results quickly and efficiently.

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Wavy & Zigzag knives

Wavy & Zigzag knives

Wavy en ZigZag knives are used in the tape, textile and film and foil industries to cut material in a non-linear way.

The production of “ZigZag blades” in the industrial sector

1. Send Samples

As cutting knives manufacturers, we always start with an extensive analysis of your needs.
two options are available.
Either you send us the drawing you want us to produce with all relevant details, either you send us a sample.
Upon reception of your sample, we will create a 3D production drawing with all required specifications (material grade, shape, finishing, radius,helix, angles, …)

We always encourage our clients to call our sales engineers and discuss the project with them. If possible, the digital drawings and photos of the blades should be included prior to the call in order to discuss technical right from the start!

2. Engineering of The Knife

Once all technicalities are cleared, BKS will manufacture your blade based on the material specifications we agreed on. Material options range from the usual tool steel to steel with a high proportion of chromium or High speed steels and even some Powder Metal (PM) steels.

Production of the zigzag and wavy blades happens on various CNC 5-Axis Grinding machines. We first manufacture a blank (i.e. a knife without the teeth) and send it for heat treatment at a reliable partner.

Once we receive it back, we will control the blade dimensionally and validate the hardening process.

Further, we will load our CAM program in our CNC machines and launch the production. All blanks are inserted in the machine and will be produced overnight with the help of our loading robot.

Roundness tolerances of 0.01mm are easily reached with surface finishings of about Ra 0.2.
Upon completion of the production cycle, BKS will execute a first quality control in the machine and then launch the production in series if any.

Zigzag knive



3. The Final Quality Control Check

Once production is completed and before sending the zigzag blades to our customers, BKS will submit the produced parts to the quality control department.
This department will assess and validate the quality produced and release the goods to the shipping department once all is clear!

What we offer

  • Wide range of shapes, materials and sizes available.
  • Different coating options

Talk to Us!

As a cutting knives manufacturing company, we take care to create tools of all kinds and shapes according to your needs. Contact us to discuss your projects and needs!

Industrial Razor Blades

Industrial Razor Blades

Industrial razor blades are vitally important to many forms of production. If you would like to know more about where to obtain the best industrial blade for your cutting tool and machinery, then you have come to the right page.

The Value of the Industrial Razor Blade

Industrials and manufacturers are dependent on every single aspect working together as precisely and efficiently as possible, like the gears of a well-oiled machine. A lot of people viewing industry from the outside may overlook or underestimate the smaller details, but those familiar will understand just how important they are. Industrial razor blades are a perfect example of this.

Razor blades are used in many areas of industry, and play a vital role throughout. At first glance they may seem like a simple enough affair: a layman might say that if a razor blade can cut, then it is good enough for the job. However, the truth is that the quality of a blade is immensely important. The sharper a razor blade is, the cleaner and quicker its cut will be, and the faster and more efficient the surrounding industry can run. Because of this, it is vital that any industry choose only the highest-quality razor blades.

Industrial Razor Blade Manufacturers: The Best in the Field

The production of industrial razor blades is extremely precise. In addition, there are many different types of industrial razor blades, from carbide razor blades to razor blades in steel, stainless steel or even ceramics ! If you are in any way unsure about what blade suits your purpose then you will need to seek out professional advice.
Our team of professional knife manufacturers is available at any time to discuss your projects with you and offer you the best possible, tailor-made option.


Here at BKS Knives we pride ourselves on offering the best in terms of industrial razor blades for your cutting process. We have been in the industrial knife business since 1983 and in that time we have made a name for ourselves as being one of the most reliable razor blade manufacturers on the market.
Our blade manufacturing company has demonstrated high standards and attention to detail in order to be able to excel and continue to offer high quality blades year after year.

industrial razor blade

What We Offer at BKS Knives

We at BKS Knives understand that different knives suit different purposes, and will create a custom knife to suit your needs. We provide knives in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, tungsten carbide and ceramics, and in whatever size or length you require: we can even make a drawing based on a sample you provide us with.

Here is a list of our services:

If you are a company looking for a razor blade manufacturer capable of providing industrial-quality products, then we are the company for you. If you would like to know more about our industrial razor blades and the way in which they can improve your business, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer all of your questions.

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