Knives Production

BKS Knives Group is a leading company active in the industry of Plastic Pelletizing and Industrial Blades. Located in four countries with headquarters in Belgium, BKS also owns three factories in Luxembourg, Indonesia and Thailand.

BKS Knives is the solution for your various knives and cutting tools needs. Our expertise is broad and we always make sure to use the best blade materials and coatings.

BKS Knives

BKS Knives, your state of the art partner for your cutting tools and knives needs.

BKS produces a significant part of its blades in house. Material is only sourced from established well-known suppliers and stocked in our warehouse. Upon reception of an order, our engineers design the parts with a high end CAD software before inputting them into a CAM software. The generated code is then sent to the machine where the operator starts the production.

Various heat treatments or coatings are available upon request. Our production of industrial knives is made to order for each customer, in order to best meet each of your needs.

Most materials are covered ranging from cemented steel, Stainless steel, Tool Steel to Wear resistant steel (like Hardox, Dilidur, …) or Powder Metallurgy steel.

All produced parts come with a Quality Control Certificate and logistics can be arranged by BKS for the convenience of our customers.

Industrial knives for all types of industries

BKS Knives produces industrial blades, knives and precision tools for a broad range of industries.

Since more than 20 years, we developed a specific know-how for blades used in the plastic pelletizing process. Strand pelletizing cutting rotors, Underwater pelletizing dieplates and pulverizing discs have no secret for our team of engineers.

The skills acquired by BKS make it a trusted partner for your industrial blade production needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your current production parameters with our team, and we’ll help you with a tailor-made solution and production.

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