BKS: high-performance knives for the steel industry.

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BKS: high-performance knives for the steel industry.

The steel industry, a Belgian story

The steel industry is one of the main activities of the metallurgy sector. In Belgium, it’s an integral part of the country’s history. Especially in Liège and Charleroi who were, at the time, among the most qualified players in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of galvanized steel produced each year

The sector then experienced a huge global competition. To stand out, the companies had one choice left: to develop high end products, with a high added value.

The technics used by steel plants almost always involve hot or cold rolling. The rolling deforms/transforms steel. This process is often used for the production of coils, plates or sheets.

Steel companies produce hundreds of thousands of tons of galvanized steel a year. This steel is intended to different industries, such as the automotive or the rail industry.

High-performance industrial knives

To cut properly these galvanized or rolled steel sheets/coils, industry players use slitting lines. These stand out by the thickness of material they can cut. Various types of shears – rotary, straight or circular – are set up on these slitting lines, which cut steel.

Most of the steel industry generally cuts up to 3mm thick. However, when materials of up to 6 or 7mm are cut, the quality and resistance of shears must be perfect! Even more in this case, knives represent then very technical products.

The position occupied by the shears is a crucial point of the production chain. Due to the strength of the cut product, various problems can appear: the shears may not hold up, the steel can be not effectively enough cut, or knives could wear out very quickly. This is the reason why factories are looking for a reliable partner who knows how to tailor his production to the customer’s needs, so that shears perfectly suit to their use.

BKS’s solutions for the steel industry

Already established on the market by supplying major players, developing our activities in the sector is one of the main priorities for the company.

Thanks to recent machines investments, as well as the know-how of our engineers and operators, BKS is now a benchmark in the supply and grinding of shears in the steel industry!

In fact, the technicality and technology required for the production of these special knives has no secrets for us. Our know-how is even more important and relevant if the cut steel sheet/coil is of a substantial thickness (>3mm).

Our customers are also looking for a global service. That’s why we organize a weekly collection/delivery service for your sharpened shears. An inspection report is always supplied with each delivery. This one includes all the dimensions and parameters of your shears, in order to ensure the monitoring and traceability of the state of wear of your knives.

When some of your shears can no longer be grinded, we’ll notify you in order to start production of new replacement knives.

We also supply other types of blades for your industry, such as: staplers, straight and circular blades, band and circular saws, etc.

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