BKS, your partner for shredder knives!

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BKS, your partner for shredder knives!

Highly diversified sectors

Recycling is a broad sector made up of a multitude of different companies that are mainly active in the treatment and recovery of waste of all kinds.

The range of recycled materials go from steel, wood, rubber, plastic till household garbage and construction trash.

Finding the right blade for your shredder

Knives used in shredding machines are specifically designed to shred or cut material. And depending on the material to be shredded, a suitable knife must be employed.

These knives usually come as a set of rotor knives and stators. The rotor knife grabs the material to be recycled and pushes it towards the stator knife.
The waste is then pushed through the screen, sorted according to its type and size and then collected in big containers for further treatment

Tailor-made BKS solutions

Different kind of steel materials are used to produce the blades. Some shredders need to cut the material – rubber for example – while other machines need to shred the material – like in electronics recycling for example. For each application, BKS can offer a selection of suitable materials, designs and coatings.

Our engineers are available to discuss your project and developments. With more than 35 years experience rest assured we have the optimal solution for you!

Last but not least, in order to meet our customers’ demand for regular sharpening, we provide a weekly knife pick-up and delivery service.

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