Under Water Pelletizers

Specialized Grinding Services :

BKS re-sharpens all types of Die Plates and pelletizers Knives according to OEM Specifications.
If needed, we provide a pyrolysis cleaning before grinding to remove all the remaining plastic. All grindings come with a Quality Control certificate and logistics can be arranged by BKS for the convenience of our customers.

Repair/Revision :

BKS provides a refurbishing service of worn out die faces. We apply a unique extremely wear resistant tungsten carbide layer (life time is significantly longer than our competitors’ offerings) and subsequently machine the holes and the surface.

Due to our unique technology, customers can use the die face until 0.1mm thickness and with reduced knife consumption!

Wear Parts:

BKS supplies new die plates and die faces for all your applications in different designs and materials. Areas of expertise include (but not limited to): BKG, Gala, W&P, Berstorff, JSW, OMP, Farell/Pomini,…)