Specialized Re-Sharpening Service :

BKS re-sharpens all your rotor knives according to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s regulations and profiles (Automatik Rieter, Reduction Scheer, Conair, Cumberland, Accrapak, IPS, Dreher, …). Our strong quality control procedures and our state of the art Schneeberger 5-Axis CNC Machines guarantee a perfect grinding, smooth finishing with a minimal diameter reduction. Apart from the grinding in itself, BKS provides a bearing maintenance and inspection service for the convenience of our customers.

Pick-up and return services are organized frequently all over Europe by BKS team.

Repair :

Depending on the material used and on the condition of the damage BKS can replace/repair rotor knife teeth. By brazing it is possible to replace damaged Tungsten Carbide teeth while welding enables us to repair some types of damage on Stellite cutting rotors. Apart from these repairs on the teeth, BKS also propose a service of shaft, bearing housing and other pelletizing components revision.

Wear Parts:

BKS provides a complete range of new rotary cutters ranging from 1.2379 (WS2) steel to high end solutions like Powder Metals (PM), Tungsten Carbide (HM) or Stellite (ST12) materials. Based on the production requirements of our customers BKS will always offer the most adequate combination of materials between rotary cutters and bed knives.  More than just selling products, BKS will deliver advice on the best setting parameters of the newly purchased goods. Besides rotary cutters, BKS also offers new/refurbished Feed Rollers, Bed knives, Bearing Housings and various others spare parts for your Pelletizing Machine.

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