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Strand Pelletizing

Underwater Pelletizing

Welcome to BKS Group

BKS started almost 30 years ago in Belgium as supplier of knives for various industries in Europe.
Since then BKS has constantly modernized and improved it’s organization. By implementing standardized working methods and the installation of state of the art machinery we offer quality, reliability and value for money. Motivated by our success in Europe BKS has opened a second re-sharpening center for pelletizing and pulverizing equipment in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (October 2010) and a third one in Jakarta, Indonesia in July 2014. In early 2017, BKS opened another service center in Bangkok, Thailand.

BKS now offers five service centers in Europe and Asia for all your Pelletizing and Pulverizing knives needs.

What we do


Strand Pelletizers
Re-sharpening according OEM specification and original profile

Under Water

Under Water Pelletizers
Re-sharpening of die face pelletizer knives and re-grinding


Re-sharpening of pulveriser/microniser profiles according OEM specification…


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